Birth is Beautiful - The Birthday of Alice

Birth is a beautiful thing. It comes about in various ways and various places. Hospitals, Birth Centers, Homes, Cars, Hallways, Chick-fil-a, Outdoors in nature… the list goes on! There is no correct place, and while we have our wishes about where we hope it takes place, birth can be unpredictable. Such as the case with my brother and his lovely wife. I am so thankful they allowed me to document them on the journey of welcoming their child into the world again.

Katie and Nathan thought surely their second daughter would be born sooner than the first. Number one was born at the birth center on her due date and in the water! Her due date rolled around when she began to have somewhat painful and a bit consistent contractions. We all thought this is the day, coming in like big sister on her due date! She went into the birth center only to find that she had not progressed much went home and things started to die down. A few other days came along very similar to the above in the next few weeks. As she neared 42 weeks (the max amount of time the birth center is able to accommodate) she started to wonder if her wishes of the delivery she hoped for would come to be. Would this baby ever come out???

Desperate to avoid an unnecessary hospital stay, At 41weeks and 6 days the midwife suggested they break her water as she was already starting a small progression. She agreed and we set out to walk around the mall! We found it to be extremely cold, and well, there were no stores. So we then headed out to walk around Walmart. Let me tell you… this momma walks faster than my Grandma (My Grandma was fast… seriously, any of my cousins who went walking with her will tell you!). We walked around there until lunch time when we started to get hungry ( I think I burnt all the calories I had left in me) and went to the Chick-fil-a (who doesn’t want to have their baby at Chick-fil-a and get waffle fries for life???) Good news is, contractions did start to come along a bit stronger as we ate. I got out my timing app and started to track. They were coming along about every 6 minutes apart!!! They were thrilled… it seemed to be quite consistent. So since it was big sisters nap time we drove back over to the Birth Center to hang out in the waiting room and hope things would continue to pick up. More good news… big sister fell asleep and took a great nap!!!

Mom found a diffuser and put her clary sage in, breathing in the lovely scents while noticing the contractions were starting to intensify in pain, could this be it??? She didn’t want to get her hopes up too soon. So she would pace around the room and then head back to the diffuser to catch another wiff. The contractions were growing in pain… and starting to get closer to 3-4 minutes apart by 4pm! Thankfully her contractions didn’t ever get much more than 45-50seconds in length. She would have a longer one closer to a minute long, followed by another intense one, and it would die down to about 20 seconds. But the intense ones were enough for her to know something was changing. Oh the hip aches! I advised my brother Nathan to rub her hips for a few of them which helped her a bit. At 4:30 she was confident that all of this HAD to have been doing something, it was time to get checked and to find out if she could be admitted. Sure enough, she had progressed to 7cm dilation. SUCH GOOD NEWS!

She was in the room and wanting to get in the water bad! Big sister had awoken from her nap and wanted to play! So I told my brother I’d take her to the waiting room to play while mom got situated in the birthing tub and he would come out and get me to snap a few shots of her in there while we waited. He came out a few minutes shortly to hang out with big sister in the waiting room and I went back to snap the shots in the tub and to help out for a bit. The moment I got back there (5:03pm) the midwife said, “Where did he go? Can you go get him, I’d hate for him to miss it, she is already trying to push!”. Oh wow. That was fast… I ran and got him and still it hadn’t clicked for us all that the baby was actually coming now. Dad was serving the big sister strawberries as I hear a big contraction coming in. I tried to entertain big sister about the strawberries while dad stepped over to console mom through a big contraction when we hear, “I see the head!”. As the contraction died down… Big sister peaked over to make sure mom was okay… Another contraction rolled in and just like that she pushed her baby out and into to her arms! She was finally here! Born in the water like her big sister…Their family now complete and so excited.

So while we all thought she’d be there sooner, and then had a bit of a scare about well is she actually going to come out naturally? She entered the world, through the water naturally, at 5:12pm 7 hours before being 42 weeks in the womb… healthy, 7lb 10oz and 20.4”!!! It was not predictable, but it was a beautiful birth.

Welcome to the world sweet Alice. I know your family is so excited you are here!