Gilmore Wedding!

It was such a blessing to be part of the Gilmore wedding at the beautiful Ashelynn Manor in Magnolia, Texas. 



I've known Jenny and her family for a few years now, and was ecstatic that she asked me to fly to Texas and shoot her wedding. Leaving the kiddos and family behind had me a little worried...but, as always it all went perfectly. The trip even helped me to have a few mornings of quiet time that I haven't had in I don't even know how long! So pass the word along, I'm down for anymore out of town photo shoots ;)

Jenny and Ben are quite a laid back couple. They are roll with it kind of people, which is a great quality when it is wedding time. Upon scouting out the venue we had our eye on many outdoor areas to spend our time before the wedding shooting in. As the morning progressed some pretty intense down pours let loose for a few hours completely drenching our sought out locations. Thankfully, Ashelynn Manor still had some other beautiful spots we could hang out for photos without completely ruining the wedding parties dress and shoes. And as it turns out, they worked quite perfectly for their day.

It was beautiful to see the excitement from everyone for these two. I can tell not only does Ben love Jenny so deeply, but he has such a great love for the boys as well. I am so excited to continue to watch you all grow in life and love! Congrats you two and thank you for an amazing opportunity!


Matthews Wedding

 I am so excited to share with you all a glimpse into Grant and Elizabeth's wedding. It truly was a special and unique day. They had quite a lengthy engagement and by the time May 22nd came around they were more than ready to tie the knot. Grant is my cousin so I have known him all of his life, but I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth a few years ago at a family gathering. I enjoy what she brings to our growing family and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for them! Here are just a few of the beautiful memories from this day that I have to share with you...

Elizabeth and her friends gathered together at her apartment to prepare for this special day...

Friends prepared to make sure the day was planned to go smoothly!

Friends prepared to make sure the day was planned to go smoothly!

As the time drew near there was no doubting that this was the happiest day of her life... 

The guys also had some preparations away from the venue, they met at Grant's Parents house.

The guys arrived earlier to finish getting ready at the venue...

A sight like this is what really gets me.... I know based on my own experience in marriage, that the only thing that brought me and my spouse together, the only thing keeping us together is our Creator. I pray that a photo like this will bring encouragement and hope to their marriage as they remember that their 3fold cord cannot be broken.

The wedding ceremony began... one of my favorite parts of the day. I love to see everyone as they await for the wedding party to come out. The groom and his people standing and awaiting to see the bride. The guests as they watch and smile thinking of a loved one of their own, a marriage of theirs...I always find it interesting to see who the guests have their eyes locked in on that moment. The grooms expression as he see's her. Perhaps it's the bride in all of her beauty. Sometimes it's a loved one in the crowd, or the parents. Such a magical time full of so many memories.

Starlight Meadows is  such a beautiful venue... 

As you can see, the day was full of so many wonderful moments. The weather really threw us some curve balls and the wedding went on with the smiles never fading. 

Grant and Elizabeth, I wish you both a wonderful lifetime together! Just like with your wedding day, storms will come and go, there will be sunshine amongst the rain and yet so many beautiful rainbows to remind you that God is with you in this thing! Congratulations!!!