Rachel McMillen

Stokesdale, North Carolina



My sessions: no two are alike. 

I capture moments to reflect memories.

My style: "Lifestyle" photography

I use simple soft posing guidance. 



My name is Rachel.

I’m a wife and mom of three amazing kiddos in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.

I fell in love with photography as a kid. I always wanted a camera of my own as a child and didn’t get anything other than those little point and shoot and send to the developers things! I didn’t care though, I loved it! As I grew older and became a mom I became dissatisfied in what my then little digital point and shoot could do. I finally splurged and bought myself a DSLR. I began to teach myself everything I could possibly learn! Mostly to be able to capture the moments I wanted to preserve of my oldest son as a baby. You know how fast they are..They move every time you want to get that kodak moment and you get easily frustrated with blurry photos!

Fast forward a few years down the road and a few more kiddos that I LOVED to take photos of! My friends began to say how much they loved the photos I took of my kids and could I take some of theirs too… then their friends started to ask me. So the business side of it sort of just fell right in my lap!

I am mostly a natural light photographer! I will bounce a flash when I absolutely must, but I go crazy over some beautiful natural light! That is why if you schedule a session with me I will tell you it will either be an hour and a half after sunrise or an hour and a half before sunset. Do you go outside then? The beautiful warm golden light that time of day is to die for!

My passion has easily become birth photography. If I could shoot births only I think I would! However, I also love capturing your family in your own beautiful moments as well. Yes, I do some weddings also!

I am pretty simple. I LOVE canon. I will usually have my 35mm on my camera or my 135mm. I do play favorites there.

I LOVE coffee so don’t be surprised when you reach out to me about scheduling a session and I invite you to grab a cup with me!

Aside from photography… I homeschool, enjoy gardening, and adventuring!

If you bring me along on your adventures as a photographer, I will do what I love to do for my own family. Capture those little moments. Preserve a memory that you will be thankful for years down the road. I will give you some advice during out session about what to do with your hands, the best places to stand, and occasionally act a bit goofy with you to lighten the mood! I know photos can sometimes be stressful, but they shouldn’t be. I will do my best to help you engage with each other and enjoy the time!

If you bring me along to your birth, I will be a fly on the wall that preserves the things you will likely forget if I was not there …your partner comforting you…your strength and patience… the babies first breath…that look on Dad’s face when baby appears…the tears running down your eyes as you look at the life you carried for months finally..